Photo Credit: Alix Earle Tik Tok

Taylor Swift isn’t the only celebrity taking the NFL world by storm this season.

Fifteen hundred miles southeast of the Kelce suite at Arrowhead, another stunning blonde is showing up each week to support her man.

Meet Alix Earle, 22-year-old Hot Mess podcast host and TikTok influencer, who’s been a fixture at each of the Miami Dolphins’ three home games this season. And, like Swift, she appears to be a good luck charm for her NFL beau, Braxton Berrios. With Earle in attendance, the Dolphins are unbeaten and in each contest scored at least twice as many points as their opponent.

This hot start is a rarity for the Dolphins, who haven’t opened a season with three home wins since 2018 (and before that, 2002). Said another way, they’ve accomplished this feat exactly three times in Alix Earle‘s literal lifetime.

Photo Credit: Alix Earle Tik Tok

How long will the streak continue? 

As we approach Week 7, both Kansas City and Miami are 3-0 in games attended by Swift and Earle. Will this streak hold strong, or will they end up with a Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson-esque reputation (sorry, couldn’t resist)? Well at this time, Swift’s attendance for the Chargers vs. Chiefs game is unknown. Also, the Dolphins are on the road this week, and so far Earle has only attended games in her home of Miami. So, it remains to be seen whether there is an opportunity to add to the streak this week.

However, take a peak at the Week 9 schedule and you’ll see that on November 5, the Dolphins face off against the Chiefs in Frankfurt, and I’d be surprised if we didn’t see both Alix Earle and Taylor Swift in attendance for that.

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