With the Colts essentially adopting the position that Andrew Luck is making up his shoulder injury, Luck is now seeking a second opinion from half a world away.

According to ESPN’s Mike Freeman and Chris Mortenson, Luck is the latest American athlete to look to Europe for medical treatments not yet approved in the United States:

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is in Europe seeking treatment on his surgically repaired right shoulder, sources told ESPN’s Mike Wells and Chris Mortensen.

Professional athletes, including Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant, have traveled to Europe in the past to get non-traditional treatment for injuries. Luck is in the rehab process of trying to get his shoulder balanced.

It’s been a stunning turn for the Colts, but they’ve handled Luck’s injury (and career) about as poorly as a team can possibly handle a superstar player.

It’s gotten to the point that the Colts aren’t even ruling out taking a quarterback in the draft, a draft in which Indianapolis will likely draft near the top:

Colts general manager Chris Ballard, as he has said consistently since April, will not put a timetable on Luck’s return. That means there is no guarantee the quarterback will take part in offseason workouts in the spring.

The Colts are working under the impression that Luck will be back in time for next season, but Mortensen tweeted on Nov. 5 that the Colts are “not ignoring” the 2018 quarterback draft class. Jacoby Brissett, who the Colts acquired from New England on Sept. 2, has started the past eight games for Indianapolis (3-6).

That’s a shocking turn considering Luck’s standing as recently as last season. The Colts, though, are run by Jim Irsay, the least stable owner in a league featuring Mark Davis and Dan Snyder. Since Bill Polian exited the franchise, the esteem in which Polian should be held has vastly increased, because it’s now apparent how flawed an organization the Colts are.

Hopefully Luck finds a way to get back on the field, whether or not it’s for the Colts.


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  1. The way the colts have handled luck is pathetic. Firstly, by allowing him to become a tackling dumby. The rest is even more pathetic.

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