The only thing Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown seems to love more than football is driving a Rolls-Royce to the place where he’s going to be playing football.

Never one to shy away from a big entrance, Brown has been showing up to Steelers’ camp in the fanciest of fancy cars for a couple years now. Two years ago he showed up in a Rolls-Royce decked out in Steeler gold and black. Last year he showed up in a new Steelers-themed car that was even crazier.

This year, Brown still showed up in a Rolls-Royce but decided to go with a classic look this time around.

Brown’s car of choice is the 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Phaeton four-door convertible, complete with a chauffeur. The choice is no coincidence. Brown actually has a promotional deal with Rolls-Royce and the company recently unveiled the Phantom VIII.

Antonio wasn’t the only Steeler to show up to camp in style. His thunder was soon stolen by James Harrison, who rolled up in a fire truck for…reasons.

Brown doesn’t limit his Rolls-Roycing to preseason camps. He also showed up to a Super Bowl 50 celebration in one and recently held a birthday party at a restaurant that featured a $350,000 Rolls inside as well.

As Antonio loves to say, business continues to be Boomin’.

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