Antonio Brown turned a lemon of a pass from Ben Roethlisberger into some perfectly not-too-sweet/not-too-sour artisinal lemonade by taking it to the house; along with the converted extra point attempt, the touchdown put the Steelers up 19-10 with very little time remaining for the Chiefs to mount a comeback.

That’s a hell of a one-handed catch, sold perfectly by Tony Romo’s excited “No way!” It’s also fun to hear Jim Nantz get so excited; he’s so clearly having a better time with Romo in the booth alongside him. The difference is palpable.

The Chiefs would add a field goal and then drive again late, aiming to nab the win, but then James Harrison, who had only played seven defensive snaps all season coming into today’s game, took matters into his own considerable hands:

That effectively ended things,with the Steelers handing the Chiefs their first loss of the season.

Oh, also there was the rare onside punt!

This game had it all!

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