Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no real secret that the Atlanta Falcons did not have particularly strong play at the quarterback position last season between Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke, and even the team’s new head coach seems to have no problem admitting it.

During his press conference at the 2024 NFL Combine on Tuesday, new head coach Raheem Morris got very candid in discussing his perspective on the team’s quarterback situation as he went as far as to suggest that if the team had better quarterback play last season, they wouldn’t have had to fire head coach Arthur Smith.

“If we had better quarterback play, I’m probably not standing here at this podium,” Morris said according to Pro Football Talk.

Obviously, these comments seem to confirm that the Falcons will look to bring in a new quarterback next season, though Morris did not want to give away too much regarding who the team is considering picking up.

“I won’t bring up names,” Morris said. “But when you’re going through the process you have everything open. We’ve got so many avenues right now because we have free agency money, we have the ability to trade, whether it be trade for a player with a team, or be it trade up or back in the draft. It’s just really about the different scenarios you want to have at the quarterback position.”

It’s not clear who will be playing quarterback for the Falcons next season, but it’s pretty clear it won’t be either Ridder or Heinicke.

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