Bears star DJ Moore is called out of bounds on a questionable call from the officials Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

The Chicago Bears faced off against the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football in a game where star wide receiver DJ Moore stole the show. Moore had a career-best performance on Thursday night.

Things could have been even better if not for a questionable out-of-bounds call from officials.

Moore got things started early for the Bears, scoring two first-half touchdowns to put the Bears out to an early lead over the Commanders.

Moore finished the first half with five catches for 137 yards and two touchdowns, setting a near-historic pace for the remainder of the game.

The Commanders were able to slow him down slightly, but one play in particular ended in controversy when officials made a questionable ruling on Moore stepping out of bounds.

You be the judge, but it wasn’t exactly clear that Moore ever stepped out of bounds on the play. And if the whistle was never blown, it sure looked like he had a great chance of scoring with a blocker ahead of him and only one man to beat to the endzone.

Fans on social media were shocked at the call, and firmly believe that Moore would likely have scored on the play to make his already excellent day even better.

The problem here was that the refs blew the whistle, making it a non-reviewable play because it was blown dead. If the refs had let the play continue and then went back to see if he stepped out of bounds, Moore and the Bears seemingly could have had a touchdown on the play.

Instead, they had to settle for a field goal on the drive after the controversial call and fans were left wondering why a closer replay of the call was not shown on the broadcast.

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