Controversial no-call at the end of the SNF game between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. Photo Credit: NBC Photo Credit: NBC

Sunday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants came down to the final play, which featured a controversial no-call that left some fans extremely happy, while others were extremely upset.

The Bills came into the game as huge favorites, but the game played out far closer than even the most optimistic Giants fans could have anticipated.

New York had a chance to win the game on the final drive of the game. Trailing 14-9, the Giants moved the ball all the way down to the Bills one-yard line after a pass interference call with no time remaining gave them one play to win the game.

Giants quarterback Tyrod Taylor threw up a jump ball to star tight end Darren Waller on the final play. He wasn’t able to haul in the pass in, though. Bills cornerback Taron Johnson was able to do just enough to make the pass fall incomplete.

Taking a closer look at the play, there is certainly an argument that Johnson could have been called for a penalty for either pass interference or holding on the play, as he clearly was involved in a ton of contact with Waller.

It can be argued either way whether the contact made was enough to warrant a call. And many angry fans made that argument on social media directly after the final play.

NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay broke down the final play shortly after the game, where he detailed that he believed there was enough contact for a flag to be thrown on the play.

“I think it does,” said McAulay when asked whether he believed the contact impacted Waller’s ability to make the catch. “He can’t get that hand up, so it does become a foul for defensive pass interference at that point.”

When you look at the slowed-down replay above, it seems to be clear that Johnson pretty significantly impacted Waller’s ability to try and make the catch.

That being said, it is much more of a 50/50 call when you watch it in real-time, which is obviously what the officials saw when making the call.

Regardless, Giants fans are clearly not happy with this ruling, and it is hard to blame them considering their disappointing year got even worse with this controversial ending.

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