Bills Patriots scuffle

The Buffalo Bills are the only team that has handed the New England Patriots a loss this season, albeit that was while Tom Brady was serving a suspension. When the two AFC East rivals clashed earlier this season, the two teams got into a bit of a shoving match before the game ever started.

Now, with the Patriots on their way to Buffalo this weekend, the Bills are issuing a preemptive warning to stay on their side of the field during the pregame warmups.

“It’s gonna be the same reaction that they got last time,” Bills cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman said Wednesday. “There ain’t no other way around that situation, you know? Just respect each other’s sideline and move on.”

Robey-Coleman was fined for his involvement in the pregame scuffle the last time the two teams played, and he is already on record saying he would be OK with being fined should the need to defend his teammates and field come up again.

He doesn’t seem to be alone, with cornerback Stephon Gilmore also saying there will be no hesitation to let the Patriots know when they have crossed a line.

“We’re not gonna let nobody push us around,” Gilmore stated. “You know what I’m saying? We’re gonna play smart. We know them guys like to try to get under your skin and make you react a certain way. We’re gonna try to take it in between the lines and play good football.”

The shenanigans before the game last time were apparently sparked by rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett jogging on Buffalo’s side of the field. Maybe it was a rookie mistake, but it would be uncharacteristic of Tom Brady to do something similar, even the biggest Brady hater would have to admit.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be some sparks flying when the Bills and Patriots meet Sunday though. The powder keg will just have to be lit some other way.


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