Browns helmet

It’s going to be extremely cold in Cleveland, Ohio when the Cleveland Browns host the New Orleans Saints with temperatures not expected to be higher than 16 degrees on Saturday afternoon. As a result, the Browns are allowing fans some special privileges to keep warm.

On Friday afternoon, the Browns announced that fans could bring a thermos, blankets, and portable chargers to power heated apparel into the stadium.

“Due to extreme cold temperatures, the Cleveland Browns will allow all guests to bring additional items into FirstEnergy Stadium. Guests may carry in one thermos, 20 ounces or less. Guests may carry in blankets as well as portable chargers and non dry cell batteries (both no larger than 6″x3″x1.5″) to power heated apparel. Battery packs must be disconnected during security inspection,” the Browns announced on Friday.

Naturally, this led some fans to wonder what exactly they can bring into the stadium in their thermos. More specifically, fans wanted to know if they could bring alcohol into the stadium in the thermos.

“Thermoses (plural?) of holiday cheer!” NBC reporter Jerod Smalley said in a Tweet.

“The Saturday slate of NFL games is going to be lively if fans can bring in a thermos of [wink wink] hot coffee,” one fan said.

“Am I allowed to bring in a bottle of vodka?” Kevid Dasd asked on Twitter.

“I just have this sneaky feeling those thermos will not contain hot chocolate,” one fan said on Twitter.

To be clear, the policy certainly does not include alcohol. But it’s safe to say that it won’t stop many fans from trying anyway.

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