Brady's dildo

When the Buffalo Bills faced off against the New England Patriots earlier this year in Buffalo, it wasn’t remembered for what happened on the field. It was remembered for the sex toy that found it’s way into the end zone.

In what may go down as one of the saddest days in NFL history, it looks like Bills officials have caught not one but two of the dildo throwers and they have subsequently been banned for life.

The incident immediately went viral and was one of the most memorable moments in a boring first couple months of the NFL season. The addition of a second thrower is an interesting wrinkle. How was this not videotaped as well? Could this have been an inside job? Too many questions and so little time.

Bills V.P. of operations and guest experience Andy Major was blunt in his evaluation of the incident when talking to WBEN.

“Luckily nobody was hurt, none of our players stepped on it and blew their knee out.”

It’s surprising that Major didn’t go “The Christmas Story” route and use the “you’ll poke your eye out” reasoning. That’s why the people in these positions get paid the big bucks, they hold back on the puns and deliver the news.


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