C.J. Stroud talking to reporters after the Texans' Week 11 win. Photo Credit: Houston Texans on YouTube

Houston Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud didn’t have the best performance in Week 11 against the Arizona Cardinals, uncharacteristically turning the ball numerous times in the game. Despite this, it doesn’t seem like he will lose any confidence moving forward.

It wasn’t all bad for Stroud against the Cardinals. The former Ohio State product threw for 336 yards and two touchdowns in the game, which was somewhat overshadowed by three interceptions.

Luckily for the Texans, Stroud’s turnover-heavy day did not end up costing the Texans in the game. They went on to defeat the Cardinals 21-16 to secure their third straight win.

Stroud came into the week leading the NFL in touchdown-to-interception ratio, so it is certainly uncommon to see him turn the ball over as much as he did on Sunday.

He spoke to reporters after the game, detailing that his turnovers from the game won’t stop him from “letting it fly”, much like Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry.

“Man Steph Curry don’t stop shooting,” said Stroud. “I’m just going to keep letting it ride. I don’t got no shame in my game. I definitely have got to be smarter. But no confidence is taken away from me. I’m gonna keep letting it fly. They got the better of me today, but that’s just the NFL.”

Confidence is certainly a key factor in any successful NFL quarterback. And Stroud went on to say this is “what makes him great”.

“I think that’s what makes me great. Those times where you can either get away with it or you don’t. I’m blessed enough to have plays where nobody talks about it. But this game they made the plays.”

Stroud can certainly get himself into some trouble with this mindset down the line against more complete teams. But considering his impressive year thus far, there likely aren’t too many Texans fans complaining about his play.

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