One thing to understand about NFL players who enter free agency or are without a current contract is that it doesn’t mean they aren’t still very well off. These guys have made millions of dollars and that doesn’t magically disappear if you aren’t signed with a team. Thinking otherwise is the kind of thing that a child might assume is how the world works. In this instance, a child tried to use that knowledge of the world to get one over on NFL player Cam Newton and…it got awkward.

A teen taking part in the NFA 7v7 East Regional in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, tried, for some reason, to trash talk Newton, who was there to take part in the action. The kid’s taunts involved letting Newton know he was a free agent and implying that he was now poor, despite the fact that Newton has made more money than all but 14 NFL players ever.

Newton’s response? “I’m rich.”

The response that “you’re about to be poor” doesn’t seem to have been well thought out. After repeating his mantra enough times, Newton simply needed to know, “Where you daddy at? Let me talk to your dad.”

No word on whether or not dad was ever contacted.

Technically speaking, Newton isn’t a free agent yet. He will become one if he doesn’t re-sign with the New England Patriots by March 17. He is expected not to re-sign with the team, at which time the kid will be correct that he is a free agent. And Newton will still be correct that he is rich.


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