Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is getting hyped as the next great quarterback after just two NFL starts, but the Eagles QB is not without his faults. One thing the 23-year-old desperately needs to work on is his table manners.

In an interview with Wentz’s girlfriend Melissa Uhrich in the New York Post, Uhrich admitted Wentz takes his craft so seriously that he once attempted to watch game film under the table during a date.

“While Wentz has since turned pro and become Philadelphia’s prized franchise quarterback, Uhrich continues to support him as she did during their college years. And while she won’t hesitate to take his cellphone away during date nights — he was caught watching game film under the dinner table — she understands how much her boyfriend is dedicated to his craft.”

Look, I understand. Being an NFL quarterback means an insane amount of preparation – whether it’s studying the playbook or watching copious amounts of film. But that doesn’t excuse Wentz from showing just a little bit of respect during date night.

Date nights are meant for the purpose of relaxing and having fun, not secretly watching game film. It’s a rookie move. Yes, he’s under immense pressure with the Philadelphia Eagles, but stepping outside the football world for a night isn’t too much to ask.

Thankfully, for Wentz, Uhrich understands his dedication to football. The two are set to get married next offseason. That should give Wentz enough time to learn viewing game film on his phone during a date is a dangerous idea.

[Image via New York Post/CSN Philly]

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