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On Tuesday, Colin Kaepernick made headlines yet again. The former NFL quarterback’s penned letter to the New York Jets went public after rapper J. Cole made it available for all to see.

We learned that Kaepernick sought to join the Jets’ practice squad through a thorough and extensive letter sent to general manager Joe Douglas. The detailed letter including reasonings and rationales from Kaepenir

Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since the 2016 season. The former San Francisco 49ers star was outspoken about his beliefs and positions against police brutality in America. He knelt during the National Anthem, which along with a lot of conflict stirred up in America, caused an untenable situation that eventually led to Kaepernick’s departure from the NFL. The dialogue and discourse around it sent it into a tailspin.

In that time period, it’s only become more difficult for Kaep to re-enter the NFL. The game changes so much year over year that, by now, it would be such a completely different game. Seven years away from the NFL might as well be 20. His practice squad proposal was smart and involved some forward-thinking by Kaepernick. But ultimately, it seems to have been all for naught.

As always, the NFL world had plenty to say about Colin Kaepernick. And this time, it was all about his letter to the Jets.

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