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Late in the third quarter of the Colts’ game against the Steelers on Sunday, Indianapolis quarterback Jacoby Brissett scrambled from a collapsing pocket, found himself tackled from behind and took a hit to the head as he ducked to the ground. Brissett then lay on the ground grabbing his head before asking for help up and jogging off the field. The play, like many in an NFL season, was somewhat scary.

And on the next drive… Brissett was back under center.

The situation caught the attention of Chris Nowinski, executive director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, who tweeted that Brissett showed “the clearest concussion signs of the season.”

After the game, the Colts announced that Brissett had passed two concussion evaluations after the hit, prompting his return to the game. Curiously, he had then come down with concussion symptoms after the game and is now in the league’s concussion protocol.

Though we can’t know what went on along the Colts’ sideline after Brissett left the game, it sure seems the Colts were less careful than they could have been with their 23-year-old quarterback.

After the game, Nowinski chimed in again, calling the NFL’s concussion protocol “fatally flawed.”

Any time an NFL player suffers an injury, his team faces a choice. It can prioritize winning and hurry the player back as soon as possible or it can prioritize the player’s health and work him back diligently. From a distance, it seems that if the Colts really had Brissett’s best interests in mind Sunday, they would have looked at his symptoms on the field and figured, better safe than sorry.

But the Colts were ahead by only one possession and Brissett was having a nice game, and the Colts allowed the quarterback to return.

As it turned out, Brissett threw an interception on the possession following the big hit, and the Colts lost 20-17.

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