Indianapolis Colts tanking vs. Houston Texans

The Indianapolis Colts are almost certainly going to get one of the top spots in the 2023 NFL Draft. At 4-11-1, they won’t be able to land the No. 1 pick, but something pretty close is in reach, especially if they lose on Sunday to the Houston Texans. One play in particular during the game had a lot of NFL viewers wondering if they weren’t witnessing the moribund NFL franchise tank their way to “victory.”

The Colts have been accused of tanking ever since they hired Jeff Saturday as their head coach. And despite an initial victory over the lowly Las Vegas Raiders, that theory has been helped out by Saturday’s ineptitude and the team’s near-constant losing.

What is really going to drive that theory home is a moment on Sunday when Colts linebacker Cameron McGrone appeared to purposefully jar the ball loose from cornerback Dallis Flowers during a kick return.

The play came just after the Texans scored a touchdown and the turnover gave Houston a chance to extend its lead.

“Now THIS team understands how to tank,” said FB Outsiders’ Rivers McCown.

Whether he actually meant to do it or not, the play certainly sums up Indianapolis’ season to a lot of NFL fans.

“Lol the Colts are a performance art,” said SB Nation’s JP Acosta.

His own teammate with the Peanut Punch,” said WBBM’s Dave Kerner.

“Textbook strip tackle,” added The Dan Le Batard Show.

We’re excited to see which quarterback the Colts select with their very-high draft pick this time.

[Rivers McCown]

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