Deebo Samuel

For nearly two weeks, wide receiver Deebo Samuel has been seeking a trade away from the San Francisco 49ers. Now that the NFL Draft has completed and Samuel remains with the 49ers, it’s now a bit more difficult to trade him this offseason. That being said, Samuel still wants traded. That’s according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN as of a day ago.

Now things have gotten rather confusing as Samuel, or the person running his Instagram account, “liked” a post from @brgridion (Bleacher Report’s football account) that had a graphic that said “Deebo Samuel expected to remain with 49ers” and accompanied by a report that said “49ers GM John Lynch says he believes any issues between the sides can be ironed out.”

Photo: @brgridiron

I’m sure many people will read into Samuel liking a post that says he’s expected to stay with the 49ers but it’s not that simple. It’s entirely possible that Samuel always wanted to stay with the 49ers all this time and he doesn’t actually want to be traded. But if the 49ers can’t or don’t want to handle his issues with the organization, whatever they are, then he’s willing to play elsewhere. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Samuel hates the 49ers and the bridge has been burned.

Another possibility is that Samuel is trolling everybody and getting a rise out of us when this really isn’t that big of a deal. It’s also possible that talks have progressed and they’re nearing a peaceful resolution. Regardless, the next few weeks may prove to be pivotal in the Deebo Samuel/49ers situation.


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