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New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr will make his New Orleans debut Sunday when the Saints face the Tennessee Titans.

You would think that since this will be his first start in a Saints uniform he would be nervous, but you’d be wrong.

Carr seems to be highly confident going into this game.

“I feel very confident,” Carr said Wednesday, via the team’s website. “That is one thing about me, I will never lose confidence whether it goes really great or doesn’t go so great. I always believe in myself and believe in what I can do, but we’ve put a lot of work in since Phase I in April and all the way through until now.

“I’m very confident, but that doesn’t always equal wins. I just want to go out there, compete, play good football, play the type of football I know that I’m capable of, the type of football I’ve been playing all off-season. But it’s going to be tough because we’ve got a tough matchup this week”, he added.

Carr had several options on the table including the New York Jets, but Carr really fell in love with the city of New Orleans and embraced it, and head coach Dennis Allen.

Carr and head coach Dennis Allen have a history together and he wants to help Allen be successful.

“Hopefully, I can be successful and help him have more success. That’s ultimately what I want to do, is just see him succeed. I believe in him so much. It’s a big reason why I came,” he said.

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