TMZ Sports is reporting that Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott has been accused of domestic violence by girlfriend Tiffany Thompson in Columbus, Ohio. He is considered a suspect in a police report they obtained but has not been arrested.

According to the police report, Elliott allegedly attacked Thompson while in the car. He was in the passenger seat and she was in the driver’ seat, though the car was parked. The reason stated for not arresting Elliott is that there were conflicting reports from witnesses (four seperate witnesses say the abuse didn’t happen, including one in the vehicle). She has been referred to the local prosecutor’s office to see if she will press charges.

Thompson told police that she and Elliott used to live together but he denied that claim.

Meanwhile, Deadspin has posted Instagram photos that Thompson shared after the alleged incident. They show a collection of bruises and cuts she says she suffered as a result of domestic violence. She did not accuse Elliott in the photos but she did direct one of the postings to Elliott’s Instagram username.

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The NFL hasn’t commented but did say they are going to investigate the claims.

Per TMZ, Elliott has denied all claims of domestic violence when confronted by police.

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