Ian Rapoport Feb 8, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport on radio row at the media center at the Phoenix Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport is one of the masters of breaking news in the sport, but even he gets it wrong now and then.

Rapoport had to correct himself Sunday after he reported that Florida Gators offensive tackle Richard Gouraige had been healthy, but woke up Sunday with a swollen ankle “after a pain tolerance test created an injury.”

While many NFL fans likely questioned that initial tweet (“What the heck is a pain tolerance test?”), Rapoport later issued a follow-up tweet explaining the term. The NFL informed him there is no such thing.

Rapoport tweeted, “An NFL spokesman is clarifying my use of the term ‘pain tolerance test,’ saying: ‘There is no pain tolerance test. The player underwent a typical physical exam.'”

Rapoport’s clarification merely ensured the term “NFL pain tolerance test” would go viral. NFL fans quickly weighed in on the topic.

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