J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt had been connected to multiple teams since he asked for and received his release from the Houston Texans dumpster fire.

But while fans of teams like, say, the Packers had all but convinced themselves that Watt was on his way, only one team is celebrating his acquisition today: the Arizona Cardinals. Watt signed a two-year deal with Arizona that will see him earn plenty of cash on top of playing for a playoff contender.

Watt himself actually broke the news:

Watt was a franchise icon in Houston, spending the first ten seasons of his career with the Texans. He put up some impossibly good years for Houston, though he hasn’t really been a dominant force for a couple of seasons now; injuries derailed his 2019 campaign, and while he played 16 games last season, he recorded just five sacks.

The Cardinals, though, can afford to make this kind of win-now move. Kyler Murray remains on his rookie deal, and after failing to make a run to the postseason last year, they’re clearly looking to make a run.

It’s maybe an overpay relative to his recent production, but putting Watt in a different environment at age 32 (and on a team that is talented enough to provide more pass-rush opportunities) is a gamble worth taking.

As for the other teams that had hoped to add Watt’s services, they’re going to have to figure out something else, with the Draft and free agency fast approaching.

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