Jared Goff Syndication: Detroit Free Press

Last weekend, the Detroit Lions clinched their first NFC North divisional title since 1993. And while the team is undeniably happy about winning the division for the first time in 30 years, it’s clear there is more they want to accomplish.

During a press conference this week, Lions quarterback Jared Goff made it clear that while the team is certainly enjoying bringing the division title back to the city for the first time in three decades, they still have greater goals that they want to accomplish.

“It’s been fun. It’s been cool,” Goff said according to Pro Football Talk. “You try to soak it in, you try to enjoy it. The old 24-hour rule, win or lose, and try to treat it that way, and yeah, it’s been exciting. I think the city’s excited. We’re excited. I know the fans are thrilled we get a home playoff game at the very least, but with that being said, like I said earlier, we’ve got so much more in front of us that we want to accomplish and we’re very, very happy with winning the division, but by no means satisfied or content. Have got a lot to do still and it’ll be fun.”

We’ll have to see if the Lions can achieve more than simply making the playoffs this season.

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