Jason-Pierre Paul wants kids to know it’s not OK to play with fireworks.

The New York Daily News reports the New York Giants defensive end is planning on doing public service announcements in the next few weeks to send the message to kids that fireworks shouldn’t be played with.

Pierre-Paul severely damaged his right hand on July 4, 2015, in a fireworks accident. The 27-year-old had his right index finger amputated and suffered multiple injuries to both hands after an accident involving fireworks almost cost him his career. Miraculously, despite suffering the debilitating injuries, Pierre-Paul returned to NFL action and ended up appearing in eight games with the Giants in 2015.

Considering Pierre-Paul suffered a devastating injury as a result of a fireworks accident, he’s the perfect person to do a PSA on their dangers. Pierre-Paul has been a pro about the injury, visiting and donating money to a New York burn center, so it’s no surprise he wants to continue to be a voice against fireworks. Kids will see freak accidents could happen to anyone, their favorite athletes included, so perhaps it will encourage them to steer clear of potential danger.

“I’m a role model,” Pierre-Paul told the New York Daily News last fall. “With what happened to me, a lot of kids were like ‘Dang, what’s he going to do now?’ When a role model tells you it’s going to be OK, it’s going to be OK. They look up to that.”

Kudos to Pierre-Paul for turning a negative situation into a positive one. He doesn’t have to do this, but he’s going above and beyond to make sure kids don’t make the same mistake he did.

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