Jay Glazer on Fox in 2017. Jay Glazer on Fox in 2017.

The Nathaniel Hackett experiment for the Denver Broncos ended badly. The first-year head coach was fired with only two games to go in the regular season.

Hackett, along with new quarterback Russell Wilson, was expected to take the team to the playoffs this year. Instead, they become the lowest-scoring NFL team this year averaging about 16 points per game.

Now the Broncos‘ new management has decided they want a more experienced head coach. Maybe like Sean Payton, perhaps?

According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, the Broncos are going to a new route for their next head coach.

“They don’t want to go the coordinator route, they want someone with experience who is established. Certainly a guy like Sean Payton, they’d back up the Brinks truck,” Glazer said during his Sunday segment, looking quickly around the studio: “Where’s Sean? He’s around here somewhere. You hear that, Sean? They’ll back up the Brinks truck for him.”

Payton has made it plainly clear that he is very interested in the Broncos too, and it’s just a matter of the team putting a deal together for the former New Orleans Saints head coach.

Glazer also reports that they may be interested in Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who used to work in Seattle when Russell Wilson was quarterback.

But it sounds like the Broncos may have found their man in Payton.

[Saints Wire; top photo of Glazer from a 2017 Fox video]

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