Jets Former Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco is reportedly eying the Jets for a potential comeback. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets perhaps have more hype surrounding them than any other team in the league after acquiring Aaron Rodgers this offseason. And a bold Super Bowl prediction from Jets wide receiver Mecole Hardman certainly won’t quiet the high expectations around the team.

The Jets were chosen to be the team followed on HBO’s Hard Knocks. The second episode of the show aired on Tuesday night, which featured a clip of Hardman predicting the Super Bowl matchup for the 2023-24 season.

Renounced mentalist Oz Pearlman greeted the team and had Hardman do this experiment. Hardman revealed that he thought the Jets would face the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

Pearlman then put Hardman on the spot, asking him to predict the final score of the game. Hardman answered by predicting a 31-21 victory for the Jets.

The whole point of Pearlman’s appearance on the show was to have him read the minds of the Jets players which is exactly what he did in this situation. He had previously written down the same prediction for the Super Bowl before Hardman even said it

Regardless, fans took notice of Hardman’s bold prediction and some didn’t exactly agree with the Jets making the jump to Super Bowl champion.

It would be quite the leap for a team that finished with a below .500 record last year to become a Super Bowl champion this coming season. But it is clear that the Jets players have some bold aspirations to meet the lofty expectations around the team.

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