Jets Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since their run to the Super Bowl last season, the Philadelphia Eagles have become widely associated with the their highly-successful quarterback sneak that involves other players pushing quarterback Jalen Hurts from behind. And this week, the New York Jets will be the latest team to try and stop it.

Ahead of the matchup between the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles this week, Jets coach Robert Saleh was asked about the iconic “tush push” play, and he made it pretty clear that if the Jets try to run the play, he wants to see his team swarm to Jalen Hurts with all 11 players on the defense.

“You know the reality is they’re really good at it and it feels like the quarterback is wearing a bulletproof vest when you look at him,” Saleh said according to SNY.

“He’s got all that padding on. We’re gonna do our best to try to stop it. . . . If the quarterback carries the ball, we’ve got to give him 11 kisses.”

There have not been many teams to successfully stop the Eagles in short yardage when they run this play. We’ll have to see how the Jets defense performs in short-yardage situations this weekend.