This week, Aaron Rodgers returned to the New York Jets locker room and delivered a strong message to the team. It was so inspiring that New York Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard even compared his presence to something you would see in a Hollywood superhero movie.

During an interview session after Sunday night’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Allen Lazard recalled the speech Aaron Rodgers gave to the team after walking into the locker room earlier in the week.

“He just came into the team room like Batman, honestly,” Lazard said after the game according to Pro Football Talk. “And it was just kind of a Hollywood-esque moment of just like Aaron Rodgers, you know, appearing. Walking. I thought he was about to fly, honestly. But, yeah, like Zach and Randall [Cobb] said, it was just all about sticking together, believing in each other. There’s gonna be rough times throughout the game, throughout the season. But just always have each other’s back, and to believe.”

It seems that whatever he said to the team provided at least some sort of a lift as the Jets played a strong game against the Kansas City Chiefs, even though they weren’t able to get a win.

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