A mere broken hand cannot stop the football cyborg known as J.J. Watt. While that might be the kind of injury that force most NFL players out of commission, the Houston Texans defensive end doesn’t seem all that phased by the recent development.

As you can see in the video above, Watt hits all the typical tough-guy tropes in explaining why he’ll be on the field Sunday.

“I expect to play fully. I don’t really plan on adjusting anything or doing anything differently.”

“I’ve played with worse than this before, even in this season. This, I’m not even very worried about it. My elbow a couple years back was way more painful when it happened. This was painful when it happened, but that’s football.”

“It’s not going to affect me at all. I might drop a few more balls in the pregame toss with the kids, but it’s not really going to affect me in any way. … You’re just going to see a cast on my hand, that’s all.”

Deadspin explored the possibility that Watt’s injury had something to do with the Victoria Secret Fashion Show he was watching at the time, but the Texans denied a connection.

Deadspin’s proposed version of events would have certainly made for a more interesting version of events than the official “got hurt in a drill” explanation. What Watt really needs is a fun scandal to knock him from his boring, do-no-wrong, Captain America schtick. Instead, we’ve got to obligatorily talk about how great and tough he is.

Speaking of…

Watt has currently played in 76 consecutive games and leads the NFL in sacks with 13.5, despite being (at least) double-teamed on nearly every play. At age 26, he has already racked up 70.5 sacks and twice been named NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Brandon Marshall even said he might be the best defensive player ever.

And because broken bones cannot stop him, he’ll still be coming for Tom Brady and the Patriots on Sunday.

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