Trevor Siemian

John Elway is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, and the General Manager of the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. Trevor Siemian is a seventh round pick out of Northwestern.

The two couldn’t be more different on paper except for the fact that they both play quarterback. Then again, the quarterback part does say a lot and it gives Elway a reason to keep a close eye on Siemian this season.

Before Thursday’s season opener against the Carolina Panthers, Elway reportedly gave some big advice to his starting QB.

“Just go out and play,” Elway told the rookie quarterback, according to the source. “Don’t worry about making mistakes. Don’t worry about turnovers. You’re going to make mistakes. But just bounce back.”

Seems simple, right? Siemian will definitely make mistakes and some will be hard to overcome. But as long as he bounces back, Siemian should definitely be able to lead the Broncos to another Super Bowl?

As ESPN pointed out, it’s rare and odd for an executive to have a one-on-one meeting with a player at the start of a season. However, as we pointed out, at first Elway and Siemian don’t have a lot in common until you realize they both play quarterback and that in and of itself is a lot.

With Elway in the front office, it also makes more sense for him to give Siemian advice than head coach Gary Kubiak. Despite Kubiak also being a former NFL QB, Elway’s resume speaks much louder. On top of that, while Kubiak probably has a bigger role in whether or not Siemian starts, Elway has the final say on whether Siemian is employed by the Broncos or not.

Kubiak has reiterated that message, saying Tuesday, “We have to give him freedom. We’ve got to let him play.”

Right behind Siemian is first round pick Paxton Lynch, who some thought would be the starting quarterback this season. For now, the starting QB is Siemian and he’ll make his debut Thursday at home against the Panthers in a rematch of Super Bowl 50.


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