Jordan Love Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers dug themselves into a big hole to start the year, beginning the season with just a 2-5 record. But the team has since won four of their last five to bring their record to 6-6, putting them into playoff contention. But quarterback Jordan Love understands the position that their early-season struggles put them in.

During a press conference this week, Jordan Love made it clear that the Green Bay Packers are in a position where they have to treat every game as if it’s a must-win playoff game.

“We don’t doubt anybody or take a game off or anything like that,” Love told reporters on Thursday. “We give everybody respect and take it that one game at a time. Our mindset is just to focus and go win every week.

“We don’t need a reminder at all. We know what position we’re in. Every game is like a playoff game for us. We know [we need] that mentality — we’ve got to win out. So, this team doesn’t need a reminder of that.”

The Packers have five games remaining in the season, and four of them are against teams that currently have a losing record. So it’s certainly possible they could still make the postseason – they’ll just have to keep that sense of urgency up.

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