Josh Allen Credit: Democrat and Chronicle

Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen is quite comfortable playing against the Miami Dolphins as he has a 10-2 record against the team throughout his NFL career. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t working hard ahead of this week’s game against Miami.

As Josh Allen pointed out in a recent press conference, he has typically played well against the Dolphins in the past, but that does not automatically guarantee that he will play well against the team this week unless he prepares well.

“I think every game is different, each game has its specific flow,” Allen said according to Katherine Fitzgerald of the Buffalo News. “I’ve played well against them in the past, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna play well against them this week, unless I prepare well and work hard in practice and get on the same page as receivers. And the five guys up front do their job and the receivers catch the ball, so it takes everybody to do that. We’re looking forward to having a good week of practice and putting our best foot forward.”

Allen points out that this team is different from teams he’s faced in previous years, especially considering they’re now led by new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio this season and have different personnel since the first time the teams met this season, so past success isn’t necessarily a predictor of how he will perform in this game.

Still, that past success will likely give Allen a little bit of confidence at least.

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