Raiders Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

After parting ways with the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason, veteran quarterback Derek Carr is now with the New Orleans Saints. By all accounts, he’s thriving with his new team, and one of his teammates has a pretty brutal assessment as to why.

During an interview this week, Saints tight end Juwan Johnson claimed that the Saints offense has talent that he thinks Derek Carr has “probably never had before” on the offense.

“I feel like with Derek, there’s a lot of things you can do,” Johnson said in a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio according to Pro Football Talk. “He’s been in an offense where he’s had Josh McDaniels, Jon Gruden, so he has a lot of that he can bring over to our offense. Obviously, we have a lot of pieces on our offense — which I think he’s probably never had before. So that’s something that he can use a little bit.

“So, a big credit to Pete — Pete’s been working his tail off this offseason. We’ve got some stuff in there that I’m like, ‘Pete, I’ve never seen this before, but I like it.’ So, I’m really excited for Pete going into Year Two. He’s been behind Sean for so long. So, he’s learned a lot and he’s ready to blow up now.”

It’s a pretty bold statement considering Carr played with guys like Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs, and Darren Waller last year, but he’s certainly entitled to his opinion.

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