Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is known as a very competitive guy, but he definitely crossed the line with his behavior on Saturday.

Cousins shoved a volunteer referee at a charity flag football game. Yes, this is something that actually happened, and it wasn’t in a joking fashion. Cousins was legitimately angry that the ref didn’t place the ball on the ground quickly.

Here’s video of the (hard-to-believe) scene:

The official — who is apparently a lawn service superintendent — told Deadspin that Cousins was “fired up because he was losing and running out of time,” and “never apologized or even showed any kind of regret”:

“I’m the official that Cousins shoved. He was fired up because he was losing and running out of time. Then the other team knocked the ball away while I was trying to set it for play. He wanted me to flag him for swatting it, but what he doesn’t know is that we were enforcing another penalty and it was going to give him another down. He never apologized or even showed any kind of regret. That’s ok though… everyone else gets to see how he is.”

Remember, this is just a charity flag football game. A charity game put on by a fitness website that was raising money for veterans’ mental health. What could Cousins have possibly been thinking?

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