Super Bowl/Wedding

Is the Super Bowl in Las Vegas the best place to get married?

We’re talking about the biggest sporting event of the year in Sin City.

While there are plenty of people who go off to Vegas to get married, the guy who knows all about it best says it’s not the best idea. Especially when there’s an event of this magnitude taking place.

“To be honest, I feel terrible for anyone getting married then,” Melody Willis-Williams, President of The Little White Wedding Chapel and Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel said in an interview with “It’s a national celebration of chicken wings and sports.”

Oh, I couldn’t agree more. Willis-Williams did say there could be an uptick in weddings would be dependent upon who wins, of course.

“It’s not going to be that popular on the Sunday itself, but the Saturday before and the day after, if their team wins, of course, it’ll be big,” she said. “Regardless of whether it’s the [San Francisco] 49ers or the [Kansas City] Chiefs, we’ll see some post-game weddings depending on the winners.”

With all the hoopla surrounding the game — the possibility of an engagement between pop superstar Taylor Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Don’t worry — he’s only focused on getting a championship ring, he said recently during media availability.

It wouldn’t be the first celebrity wedding to take place at The Little White Wedding Chapel. Not by a long shot. And Willis-Williams said the nuptials that take place there are bigger than the shotgun stereotypes.

I think people need to expand their horizons. You can stay together, be in love, and have a Vegas wedding,” she said. “Take Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, for example. They were married at The Chapel way back in the 60s they stayed together until they’re dying day. I don’t buy that stereotype at all.

“People have hundred-thousand-dollar weddings and still end in divorce within a year, so no. I don’t buy that stereotype at all.”

If you do plan on getting married in Vegas this weekend, Willis-Williams suggests you be done by 3:30 pm because it’ll be crazy on the Strip. And don’t forget — despite it being Vegas, the marriage license is still valid outside of the city.


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