A false start call in the Lions-Rams Wild Card matchup. Photo Credit: NBC Photo Credit: NBC

Sunday’s matchup between the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams featured a controversial penalty against the Lions that most fans watching the game heavily disagreed with.

The call came at a pretty crucial point in the game. The Lions found themselves in Rams territory with just over a minute remaining in the second quarter.

It was fourth down with only five yards to pick up to keep their drive alive. And as Lions head coach Dan Campbell has done so many times before this year, he opted to leave his offense on the field to attempt to pick up the first down or potentially force the Rams to jump offsides to force a first down.

It looked like Campbell got his wish, as Rams linebacker Dremont Jones appeared to cross the line of scrimmage before the snap. A Lions offensive lineman quickly reacted to his movement to catch him in the neutral zone.

To the dismay of Lions fans, instead of this being called a neutral zone infraction, the officials found the Lions guilty of a false start. This forced the Lions to reconsider their decision and instead punt the ball back to the Rams.

When you look at the replay, it seemed to be pretty clear that Jones was the first one to jump over the line of scrimmage. Naturally, fans took to social media to offer their frustrations with the call.

It goes without saying that nobody truly knows what the Lions could have done on the rest of the drive if this were instead properly called a neutral zone infraction on the Rams.

However, given their positioning in Rams territory, it is pretty fair to say that they had a good chance to add to their lead heading into halftime. Instead, the Rams were able to get into the half facing only a four-point deficit. It also didn’t end up having an impact on the game’s result, as the Lions still won.

Regardless of how you feel about either team, this call was undoubtedly a turning point in this game, costing the Lions a clear scoring chance here on a call that is considered generous by even the most biased Rams fans out there.

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