Raiders Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas Raiders star defensive end Maxx Crosby has made the playoffs just one time throughout his four-year career with the team. And it sounds like he’s sick of being at home when the postseason rolls around.

During an interview session this week, Maxx Crosby expressed his frustration with the team’s failures to make the playoffs in recent years, saying bluntly “I’m sick of that [stuff].”

“You know, for me, I just worry about the day. I’m worried about getting better today and then tomorrow when it gets here, I’m worried about that,” Crosby said in his press conference according to Pro Football Talk. “Every single day, I come in here, I think about winning. I don’t do this year ‘round to come in and not make the playoffs — I’m sick of that [stuff]. And I want to keep winning.

“I want to get back in the playoffs. I want to be in Cincinnati on the road in a hostile environment — that’s why I play the game. That’s why I work the way I work. I come here and I do this all year. And, like I said, I want to win championships. I want to be at the top of the game. I want to be the No. 1 guy, regardless of position. But I work for that every single day.

“So, yeah, I’m fired up for this organization. I love all the people in here. And I’m really just trying to be my best version of myself and lead by example.”

Those are some pretty harsh but fair words from Crosby. We’ll have to see if he can lead the team back to the playoffs this season.

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