Micah Parsons Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Players like Zach Wilson and Daniel Jones have received a lot of criticism on social media throughout their careers, and Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons doesn’t seem to think that’s fair.

During a recent interview session this week, Micah Parson called out the people criticizing Wilson and Parsons, calling them “social media bullies.”

“I just feel like so many times the media just always throws out negative things on certain players. It’s almost like bullying online. We’re just being social media bullies,” Parsons said according to Pro Football Talk. “You really hate to see that. It’s one thing if you say I’m garbage to my face on the field and we’re competing and we’re hammering it out and we’re in the moment. But it’s another thing when a guy can’t defend himself. You don’t know what’s going on in his room. You don’t know what’s going on in the team, and you’re just out there calling another man garbage on live TV. We see that in the draft where guys use these moments where this should be a special moment for a kid and bashing him for his past.”

Parsons thinks that people need to be “more mindful” of how they use their platforms online.

“I just feel like as humans and as people who have these platforms, we should just be better and more mindful of how we talk about people and how those things can impact someone. Because you never know what someone’s journey is. You never know what their story is. So I’m just calling out the social media bullies because we really shouldn’t be like that.”

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