Kenny Pickett Beaver County Times

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been without starting quarterback Kenny Pickett for the past two weeks after he suffered an ankle injury, but it sounds like there’s a chance he could return to the team’s lineup this week.

During his press conference on Monday, Mike Tomlin said that while the team is moving forward as if Mason Rudolph will be the team’s starting quarterback in this week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, he’s not ruling out the possibility that Kenny Pickett could still return this week.

“His availability is not out of the question this week,” Tomlin said according to Pro Football Talk. “But at the front part of the week, our intention and emphasis will be on Mason Rudolph and we’ll leave the door ajar and see how Kenny responds to the work that he did today, the limited work that we’re probably going to give him tomorrow, and, again, establishing a position in terms of a pecking order the closer that we get [to the game].

“But, again, as I stand here today, Mason Rudolph is the guy with the ball. We’re going to support him and ready him.”

This week’s game against Cincinnati is massive for the team’s fading playoff hopes, so we’ll have to see who ends up lining up at quarterback for the team.

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