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If NFL players get caught gambling, the league can’t say they didn’t warn anyone. On Tuesday, the league released a memo to teams highlighting all the major rules about gambling.

“On an NFL conference call discussing the league gambling policy and education, here are the 6 key rules for players,” NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said. He posted a graphicCalvin Ridley which featured the following six rules:

  1. Don’t bet on the NFL
  2. Don’t gamble at your team facility, while traveling for a road game, or staying at a team hotel
  3. Don’t have someone bet for you
  4. Don’t share team ‘inside information’
  5. Don’t enter a sportsbook during the NFL playing season
  6. Don’t play daily fantasy football

The NFL and college sports have lately seen an uptick in gambling policy violations. Much of that has to do with accessibility and regulations increasing across the country. Sports betting has become widely available to many in several states like New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Obviously, you’d like for NFL players to follow the simple rule of not gambling. But there has been a recent trend that the league hopes to curb. So a timely reminder on this subject made sense from their perspective.

Violations have led to suspensions for players, some of them lengthy. Calvin Ridley infamously received a one-year suspension while he was a member of the Atlanta Falcons. The recently reinstated Ridley is now on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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