While the Eagles have had incredible success with the Tush Push, there was an unexpected setback with the play against the Commanders. Photo Credit: Fox The Eagles line up for a Tush Push against the Commanders. Photo Credit: Fox

The Philadelphia Eagles have put the “Tush Push”, or what they refer to as the “Brotherly Shove” on the national map over the past two seasons, gaining controversy as to whether or not the play should be allowed.

Unfortunately, those against the quarterback sneak-style play will have to deal with it for at least another year.

NFL executive Troy Vincent said on Thursday that there will not be any proposal presented this off-season to ban it for next season.

This is obviously a big talking point for the Eagles, who have somehow been able to do it significantly better than anyone in the league.

Naturally, many around the NFL had plenty to say about this ruling by the league, taking to social media to voice their opinions on the matter.

The play has largely been used by the team on the goal line or in short-yardage situations on third and fourth down, and their fourth down stats in particular show just how effective the play has been for them.

The Eagles led the league in terms of fourth-down conversation percentage, converting 67.86% of the time. To put that in perspective, less than half of the teams in the NFL converted fourth downs more than 50% of the time.

It will sure be interesting to see how much the Eagles use the play moving forward, or if it will be as successful as it has been in past years.

Seven-time Pro Bowler Jason Kelce has seemingly perfected how to block for the signature play. And with his retirement, there is certainly a chance that the team may not be able to pull off the play as efficiently without him.

Regardless, we should see the play plenty this coming season from many teams around the league, whether fans like it or not.

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