Have 12 weeks already passed in the 2016 NFL season? That’s what the schedule says. The playoff picture is becoming clearer, as a handful of teams are emerging as true contenders, while others still look questionable. Which ones aren’t just playoff hopefuls, but have a shot at the Super Bowl?

Take the analysis, previews, breakdowns and smack talk, and it boils down to a simple hierarchy: If any two given teams played, who would win? That’s what fans really want to know, that’s what power rankings are all about, and that’s how the 32 NFL teams are slotted here each week.

32. Cleveland Browns
If they don’t beat Cincinnati this week, it’s hard to find a win for the winless Browns.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags’ super-talented defense is finally showing flashes of playing the way they should have been playing all season long. However, it’s still only flashes, and the offense is a long way off. They’re 2-9, and the two wins were by a combined four points against two teams in the bottom seven of this list. Woof.

30. Chicago Bears
You have to give journeyman (is he old enough to be a journeyman?) quarterback Matt Barkley credit: He put on a real show against the Tennessee Titans. But there’s only so much Barkley (or any other Bear) can do. The defense is decimated by injuries and the offense hasn’t been good enough, no matter who’s under center.

29. Cincinnati Bengals
Brutal. Even if injuries hadn’t started piling up, the Bengals hadn’t shown signs of life in many, many weeks. They’re sleepwalking towards a deeply disappointing finish.

28. Los Angeles Rams
Rookie quarterback Jared Goff threw for three touchdowns in his second game — but don’t get too excited, because the Rams still lost to the New Orleans Saints by 28 points. At this point, “7-9 b******” is more of an aspiration.

27. New York Jets
A huge home performance against the New England Patriots would have earned them more spots if, yanno, they hadn’t blown about 15 chances to put the game away. There’s still plenty of talent on this roster, but there’s something preventing it from jelling.

26. Indianapolis Colts
That excellent performance against the streaking Tennessee Titans was apparently an ignorable blip. The Colts were put into their place by the Pittsburgh Steelers — their place way down this list.

25. San Francisco 49ers
I honestly want to put the 49ers much higher. They gave the Patriots a game and the Miami Dolphins all they could handle. Colin Kaepernick finally looks like the dual-threat juggernaut we remember from a few years back. That’ll be enough to keep them more competitive than their roster (or record) deserves.

24. Houston Texans
When J.J. Watt re-aggravated his back injury, it looked like the Texans’ explosive pass offense was going to have to carry the defense. Instead, the defense has had to put the clamp on opponent after opponent while waiting for quarterback Brock Osweiler to put up points.

They’ve put up an average of just 17.2 points over the past five games.

23. Arizona Cardinals
What is going on with this team? What is going on with Carson Palmer? A Super Bowl bid came off the table a long time ago, and now even a playoff berth is all but impossible. Head coach Bruce Arians is calling out his players in the media, and we’ll see how they respond the rest of the way — not to mention next season, when it’s do or die for this squad.

22. San Diego Chargers
Elderly quarterback Philip Rivers remains dangerous on offense, and rookie defensive end Joey Bosa looks like he’s going to be a monster on the other side of the ball. But this squad squandered too many opportunities early, and don’t have many left.

21. Baltimore Ravens
One of a series of teams that’s hard to make heads or tails of, the 6-5 Ravens boast one of the league’s best defenses. But amidst another down year from Joe Flacco, it’s hard to feel any more confident than this in their prospects going forward.

20. Green Bay Packers
What?! Don’t the Packers get any credit for being the first team to go into Philadelphia and leave with a win? Yes, they do — but this is the first real sign of life from this squad in two months. If they look impressive against Houston this week, we’ll talk.

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