It wasn’t until the fourth quarter when the Green Bay Packers put everything together to close out the game. But when that happened, there was absolutely no one who could compete against that. The Los Angeles Rams tried but they ultimately failed, losing to the Packers 32-18.

The Packers really looked dominant throughout the game but until the end, the Rams were just close enough to be dangerous. The first quarter started out slow as both teams squandered chances for touchdowns and settled for field goals. That all changed when Aaron Rodgers threw a quick TD pass to Davante Adams. Then Rodgers pump faked Leonard Floyd as he scampered for the single yard touchdown.

The Rams saved themselves with a touchdown before halftime but the Packers not only picked up a field goal before halftime, they got another touchdown to start the second half. Aaron Jones got the one yard needed for the TD after having a 60 yard run to set up the score.

The only thing that potentially could’ve bitten the Packers on the butts were their PAT’s. A botched snap prevented an extra point attempt and then to try and make up for that missed point, the Packers failed to convert for two. Those two points lost provided an opening as the Rams scored while in the wildcat formation and then got the two point conversion on a hook and lateral trick play.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Rams had hope but the Packers dashed that away with a massive 58 yard dart to Allen Lazard to go up by 14 and that was that for the Rams.

The Packers get to relax tomorrow and take in Brady vs. Brees as the Buccaneers face the Saints. The winner will be off to Lambeau next Sunday with a Super Bowl berth on the line. And if weather forecasts eight days from now are any indication, there’s currently a 30 percent chance of snow in Green Bay next Sunday.

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