Packers lineman Zach Tom drew a 15-yard penalty on Raiders star Maxx Crosby, thanks to an epic flop after a shove. Photo Credit: ESPN Packers lineman Zach Tom flops after a shove from Raiders star Maxx Crosby. Photo Credit: ESPN

If Green Bay Packers lineman Zach Tom’s NFL career doesn’t work out, he might want to try his luck in acting. Because during Monday night’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Tom unleashed a flop that will rival nearly any you’ll see from a bad guy’s henchman in an action movie.

AJ Dillon picked up a first down for the Packers, running for five yards on a second-and-two. As the play came to an end, Tom, who was engaged in a block with Raiders star Maxx Crosby, fell to the ground, face first. So, what happened?

After Crosby broke away, he gave Tom a shove in the back. While Crosby’s shove was unnecessary, it’s the kind of thing that happens several times with linemen during the course of an NFL game. Normally, that kind of thing is not penalized. There are, however, exceptions. This was one of those exceptions, thanks to a flop for the ages from Tom.

Peyton and Eli Manning on Monday’s Manningcast, as well as Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the main broadcast, called the flop out in humorous fashion.

They were not alone. Football fans had no problem finding humor in the 6-foot-4, 304-pound lineman’s dramatic fall to the ground.

The 15-yard penalty helped the Packers get into position for a 37-yard field goal from Anders Carlson.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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