Since he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 2019 NFL Draft, star cornerback Patrick Surtain hasn’t exactly seen much stability in the coaching staff as Sean Payton will now be the third head coach he’s played for in his young Broncos career. But Surtain seems to think the Broncos got it right this time.

During an interview with the Denver Post this week, Patrick Surtain II called Sean Payton “a great hire” and thinks he’s a coach capable of leading the team to the Super Bowl.

“Sean Payton, I believe, is a great hire and I can’t wait to get to work with him,” Surtain said according to Parker Gabriel of the Denver Post. “I think he’ll provide the team with what’s necessary, which is a winning culture in the organization. His resume speaks for itself. He’s a guy that can give you Super Bowls, can give you that winning attitude, the leadership qualities that you look for in a head coach. I’m really excited.”

The revolving door of head coaches that Denver has seen the past few years is undeniably difficult on the players. They’ll likely hope that Payton can bring some stability to the coaching staff for the next few years.

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