Being a special teamer in the NFL isn’t a glamorous gig by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a few who have made it a compelling position because of their personality.

Oakland Raiders Marquette King is one of those people, and he isn’t going to deal with people trashing him on the internet any longer.

It started with a Twitter user — who has since deleted his tweets — giving kudos to Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and telling him that he was “the second coolest kicker” in the NFL.

McManus agreed with the assessment that he was second coolest when responding:

Then things began to escalate when the Twitter user said to King, if you started dancing after punts like that punk ass raider you’d take #1″.

Naturally, King came across the tweet and didn’t take too kindly to being called a “punk-ass.” His response should be framed in the Twitter Hall of Fame if you ask me:

Some may think the response is unprofessional, but how often do people go into athletes mentions and talk about them in an uninspiring light. These types of beefs always get these “twitter warriors” to go back into anonymity and hopefully get them to learn a lesson or two about talking about someone on the internet.

King is fun on the field and if this means that he is going to be just as exciting off of it from now on, I’m all for it.

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