CBS Sports Christmas uniform prank

Pranks can be fun. Especially when you get a trusted friend — or teammate — to help sell the prank and make it more believable.

CBS Sports played a hilarious prank on some Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos players this week, thanks to a little help from Broncos punter Brandon McManus and Rams safety Nick Scott. The Rams host the Broncos on Christmas Day, and McManus and Scott set out to convince their teammates the teams would have to wear gaudy Christmas-themed uniforms.

CBS Sports set up mannequins modeling the over-the-top uniforms, along with hidden cameras to catch player reactions.

To be fair, some players actually liked the fake uniforms. Most were incredulous.

“Ya’ll put a f—— reindeer on it?” asked one player, referring to the reindeer decal on a helmet,

“The reindeer is a little childish,” one player noted.

“That’s trash,” said another player.

“Can I put like ‘Dasher’ or ‘Dancer’ on my nameplate?” joked a player.

Other reactions were straight to the point.

“That’s ugly as f—.”

“This has got to be a joke.”

“I don’t know about this.”

Incredibly, the video did not have the “big reveal” moment when the players were told they had been pranked. So hopefully, a bunch of Rams and Broncos players don’t spend the next few days panicking about wearing an ugly Christmas uniform. Both teams already have enough to worry about, entering the game with 4-10 records.

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