The Rams kicked a field goal against the 49ers as time expired, cutting their final deficit to 7 points, matching the final spread. Photo Credit: Fox Rams kicker Brett Maher makes a field goal as time expires in Sunday’s game against the 49ers. The kick cut the final deficit from 10 to seven points. Photo Credit: Fox

The Los Angeles Rams inexplicably kicked a field goal Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers as time expired.

The move probably left many fans shaking their heads, because the Rams still lost by seven points, 30-23.

Yet Fox Sports’ analyst Mark Sanchez immediately realized the implications.

“Bad beat … oh man,” Sanchez said.

Brett Maher’s field goal cut the final margin to seven points. That coincidentally matched the final point spread for the game.

Meaning that kick changed quite a few fortunes at sportsbooks.

Many fans questioned Rams head coach Sean McVay’s decision to kick the field goal. Many were not kind.

[Awful Announcing, Photo Credit: Fox]

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