Lamar Jackson Ravens Jan 1, 2023; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) stands on the sideline during the first half against the Pittsburgh Steelers at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens will be without star quarterback Lamar Jackson for their upcoming playoff game on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Jackson has not played Week 13, and it now appears that one of his teammates is voicing his frustrations with the situation.

Ravens wide receiver Sammy Watkins discussed Jackson’s knee injury earlier this week, revealing that he hopes that Jackson “hobbles back out there” to play this weekend.

“In this league, everybody is pretty much banged up,” said Watkins on Wednesday via the Washington Post shared by Peter Schrager of Fox Sports on Twitter. “I don’t want to speak for him and his situation and whatever he’s going through with the contracts. I don’t know what world he’s in. But for me, you’ve got a chance to do something special. He can will this team to a Super Bowl. I don’t think he’s thinking about it that way.”

Watkins then went on to say that he had hoped that Jackson would play despite being hobbled with a knee injury.

“I hope he hobbles back out there. Put him out there for the pass plays, and don’t run him at all. But you never know. That could be wrong. I’m being very selfish right now, just want him to be out on the field.”

Many around the NFL world certainly thought that Watkins’ comments on Jackson are very ironic considering he himself has been extremely injury prone throughout his career.

“Sammy Watkins missed 16 games in 3 years in KC, but wants Lamar Jackson to play hurt. Talk about a lack of self-awareness,” tweeted Chris Uno Cero of 610 Sports in Kansas City.

“Coming from someone who has missed 30+ games due to injury, I’m somewhat surprised that Sammy Watkins actually said this,” tweeted Alex Martin of Naples Daily News.

Lamar Jackson revealed that he still has inflammation in his knee and felt that it was still “unstable”, so it certainly seems like he is still far out from suiting up for the Ravens this postseason.

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