Richard Sherman

The NFL may consider sanctioning the Seattle Seahawks for intentionally hiding injury information prior to an NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, including an MCL injury to Richard Sherman.

Asked about that possibility by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Sherman thinks the NFL would be out of line in doing so.

“I heard some foolishness like that. That’s just unfortunate. I think they kind of are a little too hard on our team for no reason. I think if there’s other teams that kind of just got docked for the same thing, so it’s going to be curious how they treat the other teams.”

Curious indeed, especially when you consider the likelihood that there are some injuries that are either hidden or diminished in the weekly injury reports around the NFL despite being required to be issued during the NFL season. Sherman mentioned something similar being done with the Indianapolis Colts, suggesting he is already waiting to see how the Seahawks are handled compared to the Colts.

“The Colts did something similar and didn’t get docked a pick,” Sherman said.

Is the league out to get the Seahawks? This is not the first time there has been some discussion about the NFL giving the Seahawks the short straw when possible. The evidence would suggest not, especially in a season that saw the Seahawks and Sherman get away with mugging the Buffalo Bills in a win during the regular season. Sherman is a known critic of the NFL’s fining system as well.

Somebody better check to see the last time NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attended a Seattle home game, just in case there is some anti-Seahawks conspiracy going on at the league office.


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