Rob Gronkowski Feb 11, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski during the NFL Alumni Legends Party Presented by USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures at Avalon Hollywood. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a matter of time before the internet phenom known as “Baby Gronk” got back to future NFL Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Despite the name, Gronkowski bears no relation to 10-year-old Madden San Miguel, who, as “Baby Gronk,” has been declared a future top college football prospect and is the subject of several viral internment moments.

Despite the early rise to fame and bearing the same nickname, Elder Gronk is no fan of the young protége and his father, Jake San Miguel.

“Four weeks ago, my brother told me, ‘Yo, have you seen Baby Gronk?’ ‘Did I see him? ‘ I go. ‘His dad hit me up 500 times already.’ He goes, ‘Don’t do anything,’” Gronkowski told Will Compton and Taylor Lewan of Bussin’ with the Boys.

“The dad is so annoying. And this was like five, six weeks ago. And then all of a sudden, two weeks later, it’s coming out everywhere. My brother died laughing.”

The elder San Miguel revealed to The Athletic that he sees his son’s athletic career as more than a stunt.

“It’s not just for content,” he told The Athletic. “We put five or six days a week of training. He diets, he eats clean foods, salmon and brown rice. He is in a routine. He’s a real athlete. He’s not a normal kid. Normal kids are emotional. They put their head down when they make mistakes, talk back to the coaches, they make noises, but he doesn’t do that. He has been trained and programmed since he was 6 years old.”

Clearly, however, San Miguel’s marketing schemes have irked the namesake of his son. He should probably cool it until his son produces on a high-school field and becomes an actually high-rated college football prospect.

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